Use These Instead Of Face Wipes

Yup, we’re talking about the F word. Face wipes. Frequently dismissed within the beauty community (more on why below!), now they are being targeted by the government. It was revealed this month that over 90% of what is blocking sewers and the water is… wet wipes. They are potentially being banned entirely, as the plastic count in wet wipes is just astounding, and is polluting our water and planet. So, Use These Instead Of Face Wipes and know that you’re doing the best for our planet and your skin.

Why are wipes so bad?

It seems as though the wipes themselves contain too much plastic, don’t degrade and people are flushing instead of binning them. For the benefits of the skin alone, face wipes often contain alcohol which can cause redness and dry the skin out. They can tug the skin, so you’re dragging the delicate eye area and being unnecessarily harsh. Also wipes don’t really remove makeup properly… They do a good job at just moving the makeup around your face, without leaving skin properly clean. They’re OK in a pinch – on the move, on a plane, every now and then – but face wipes are detrimental to the long-term health of skin.

So, what to use instead?

There are quite a few options that are good for your skin and the environment. Double bonus! There’s my old favourite, micellar waters, which feel like water but remove makeup. None of the alcohol content and just as easy to use as wipes. There’s some green versions available (Madara is good), and then the classic Bioderma, and new one from Erborian. You can get bio-degradable cotton wool (never flush, obviously!) for extra points. I’m also a fan of cloths used to remove makeup sans cleanser – Magnitone makes pink fibre clothes which need just water to remove all makeup. I was very sceptical before I tried, but they get rid of all grime so well and then you wash and reuse. Not to be used instead of a cleanser, mind, but to get rid of makeup before going in to properly cleanse. Far more thorough than a face wipe and it’s reusable. There’s also the SBC skin shammies which help to cleanse the skin thoroughly without wipes.


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